I am in my 30’s. I moved to Vienna in 2016 and after nearly two years of commuting between Poland and Austria I decided to quit my job to dive into Austrian culture and take care of my burn out.

Because my friends were crying out of laughter whenever I was sharing my viennese moments I decided that maybe I can find a small space for me on the internet and share what I share with people in real life – food and stories. I have no clue if it will be full of funny stories, or maybe mostly about my struggles to learn German, or maybe I will post recipes here or my ideas what one can do in Vienna. I leave myself the freedom to just roll with it.

I moved to Vienna because of love and then I also fell in love with the city. Back when I was still working in Poland my friend said once: it was an exciting day in winter when I could go to Billa and do shopping. When she said that, I understood, I am not alone. I shared similar feelings of isolation and lack of belonging. So, if by any chance you are a fresh expat, in a country where you don’t know the language and people tend to be grumpy, maybe this blog will help you to see or at least know, it gets better, and you are not the only one.

I want to thank Piers for his constant support and words of encouragement. Also for patiently eating all my creations. Without him I probably would’ve chickened out and never started this project. So, my Love – thank you!

And another thank you goes to Hen – you know why 🙂 and to Monika – for always happily eating my creations and letting me hog your kitchen, even if it means a lot of mess afterwards.