Potatoes & lentils warm salad

March 4, 2019

I could not imagine life without potatoes. They are my favourite vegetable in the world. Potatoes are versatile, easy to cook with and very friendly towards many ingredients. Apparently the love for potatoes is a typical thing for Polish people, but I believe we are not the only ones who cherish this inconspicuous bulb.
My friend loves them dearly. Her boyfriend fiancé not so much, so whenever I am visiting her, we indulge and feast on potatoes like there is no tomorrow.

This is one of the dishes we always have on rotation. It is easy to make, comes together fast and tastes equally delicious warm and cold.

You don’t need a lot of ingredients or a trip to a specialised store. The salad is also very forgiving when it comes to omitting or replacing some ingredients in the sauce. For me and Monika this is our salad for the late spring and summer, eaten with young potatoes, followed by a spritzer. It is our salad in the winter time, accompanied by a glass of red wine.

It is vegan, gluten free, filling and delicious.

Make sure to get salad potatoes. You want them cooked firm, not mushy and falling apart.

Best part about this salad though? Even my friend’s fiancé seems to like it.