Ausflug with dogs! Mamauwiese and Sebastianwasserfal

October 22, 2018

Living in Austria has a lot of advantages. One of the biggest is how close to the mountains we are and how easy it is to get out of the city and enjoy the nature. Even if you experienced this famous Austrian/Viennese grumpiness you can forget about it on the trails – everyone will smile and always say hello.

On Saturday morning Kelly came over for breakfast and then we packed ourselves and the dogs in the car and went for an adventure. We were so incredibly lucky with the weather this year as still at the end of October it is warm and sunny, so we wanted to really get the best out of it. Big part of the drive is a highway, so the commute is really fast. Once off the highway the views are amazingly picturesque. We parked and started our walk towards Mamauwiese. The first part goes along a normal road, between the fenced meadows but after 10-15 minutes the route changes into a forest path. There are still cars coming sometimes, but very rarely. Everything is really well signed, so there is no trouble finding the right way.

The forest part of the route towards Mamauwiese has couple of minutes of a bit more intense way upwards, but it is manageable. We opted for short stops for a sip of water and admiration of the views to make it a pleasant experience rather than a race upwards. At certain point the signs were pointing that Mamauwiese route goes right, but it looked full of stones and quite steep way up. We decided to just continue with the path we were already on – I think it was a bit of a detour, but much more pleasant to walk. There are benches along the way sometimes, but there is no trash cans – make sure to bring your own bag and collect your trash to get rid of it after you finish your trek. About 10 minutes before reaching Mamauwiese you will be walking along the stream which is perfect for the dogs to have a sip of water and cool down a bit.

Don’t upset the cows

When you reach Mamauwiese entrance, brace yourself. The meadows look absolutely spectacular, especially with the Schneeberg looking so majestic. Unfortunately we were a bit late, the cows were gone, but I guess it must be even better in summer when you can hear the cow bells and get so near to them. Walking through meadows is allowed but please remember – cows look super cute and everything, but they do weigh around 2 tons and can be dangerous, especially when they think they have to protect their little calves. It goes without mentioning that dogs have to be on leads at all times. On the top of Mamauwiese you can have a rest in the Berggasthof – in October it is open on weekends and holidays from 9:00 to 19:00. Do not miss delicious Frittatensuppe – beef broth with pancake slices or any kind of bread – with cheese or lard and onion. Also, mandatory glass of G’spritzer – white wine mixed with sparkling water.


From Mamauwiese we went direction Sebastianswasserfall. The path surprised us quite a lot as there was a lot of tree roots, stone steps, sketchy bridges and steep moments. But Badi was super brave and hopped through everything with no problem, like a young gazelle. It was worth it though as the waterfall is breathtaking and worth every single moment of hesitation if this really was a good idea. If you are thinking about going there with children – forget about the pram – no way you can drive it there. From the waterfall it was another hour of walk towards where we parked. The route again led us for a moment along the street but then put us again on the meadows and pastures. If you have a sensitive sense of smell be careful – the manure scent can get quite intense.

How to get there

You can reach Puchberg am Schneeberg in about 60-70 minutes with a car – you have to take the south highway. If you don’t have a car – don’t worry – you can still get to Puchberg in about 1,5 – 2 hours. You can take a train to Wiener Neustadt and change there to a regional train going directly to Puchberg am Schneeberg. One way route will cost about 20 euro. Foodstop: Mamauwiese, Berggasthof: http://www.mamauwiese.at/


As usually, dogs are more than welcome, but keep them on the lead. On the meadows though, we saw there was no cows in the vicinity and no people walking through. So without further debates we let the dogs run freely to use up the energy. Just think about other people and nature and everything will be fine.

No bins on the path, collect your trash!

p.s. the idea for this hike came from: https://freets.at/maumauwiese-und-sebastianwasserfall/ but because I am terrible with navigation we basically winged it 😉

Kelly knows where shall we go!