bowl with baked vegetables inside standing on the table

Fridge cleanout vegetable bake with horseradish

August 26, 2020

Sometimes, at the end of the cooking week I find odd amounts of vegetables in the fridge. It might be half a zucchini, two carrots, maybe a quarter of celeriac. Too little to make something out of them separately, so… soup?

Not this time. I have something much more decadent and comforting. It helps you clean the fridge. It is vegetarian. This vegetable bake is quick and easy, stripped off unnecessary fuss. All you need to do is to grab whatever leftover vegetables you happen to have in the fridge, fry them, then a bit of hocus pocus and you get real food with deliciously melted cheese on top. If you happen to have some old bread you’ve forgotten about, it is even better.

The magical ingredient I mentioned earlier is horseradish. Austrian staple and one of the reasons why Steiermark is such a delicious region. It will always make you able to breathe freely even if you have the biggest case of runny nose ever. We always have some in the fridge as we use it on sandwiches all the time.

There is another advantage. Making this vegetable bake will help you #zerowaste your fridge. Trying to produce less waste does not have to be difficult and can actually be delicious. It can be something that just happens at the end of the week to make space before you bring a new haul of vegetables.
This dish is a perfect idea to use up this wilted carrot, a bit too soft zucchini or paprika. Another great news? It only takes 45 minutes to make.

You can change and rearrange vegetables according to what‘s currently in your fridge. Maybe there is some corn left? Or unused fennel? They will do great simply because everything is better with cheese.

I found inspiration for this dish in a wonderful book about vegetarian version of Austrian cuisine. I made it slightly more complicated but not too much so it can remain the lazy dish it was from beginning on.

vegetable bake in a bowl with salad and tomatoes

Diced Kaiser rolls in a pot

vegetable bake in a baking form on the table