pickle soup in a bowl, garlic, pot of soup

Ogórkowa – Polish pickle soup

March 5, 2020

Not a single person that grew up in Poland went through childhood without eating pickle soup at least once. I might be exaggerating of course but the dill pickle soup is one of the ultimate Polish soups.

It is perfect on a Saturday or any day after a night out. Pickle juice that you get as a byproduct will reanimate you like nobody’s business. Even if you are not a party animal you can still enjoy this soup – I love it since my childhood and even though I am from Poland I did not start drinking THAT early. It is a soup that brings summer back – like a tomato soup does. It transfers you directly to a garden full of those plump, short cucumbers that I loved to eat just like that, peeled, sliced lengthwise and with a generous layer of salt

Even if the thought of pickles in a soup seems weird or unusual, bear with me, give this one a chance and it might change your mind. It is in fact, simple yet complex soup – just look at the ingredients list. Apple will offer some sweetness, horseradish will provide another layer of bite. Then there is an assortment of herbs that will make your whole kitchen smell fantastic.
It is sour, it is savoury, it ultimately has a very round flavour. The usual tang of the pickles is contained by cooking them. It is also a very quick and easy to make. Once you have all your ingredients it shouldn’t take more than 30-40 minutes to have the soup waiting on the table.


• When opening the bag with pickles, do not pour away the juice, it might be necessary later.
• make absolutely sure you have pickles made in brine, not in vinegar. These are two completely different products and vinegar based ARE NOT to be used here.

pickle soup in a bowl and in a pot, apple and garlic

pickles on a cutting board, next to a bowl

pickle soup in a pot, with a wooden spoon

pickle soup in a bowl, garlic heads next to it