rhubarb cake on baking paper

Rhubarb cake with almonds and marzipan

May 27, 2020

Rhubarb belongs to spring baking like Badi‘s fur belongs on our floor. You can try to eradicate it if you are not a fan, but there is simply no point. There has to be at least one rhubarb cake per season or I would not be a proper Polish girl. And from my understanding Austrians also have strong feelings towards these weird stalks. Or petioles, if we want to be proper and correct.

This weird vegetable (yes it is a vegetable!) has been already known couple thousands years ago in China, although mostly for medicinal purposes. And it has its dark side: don‘t eat the leaves – they are poisonous.
This cake is a small step to a side from standard rhubarb cake my mom used to bake whenever first stalks appeared on market stalls. It sounds cheeky but I loved watching it rise in the oven and then I watched mesmerised how it got sprinkled with powdered sugar on top. I had very little interest in baking or cooking in general so this was big deal for me.

You might wonder how is marzipan involved in this whole thing since it is not December and Stollen time is far gone. The truth is: I had to finally use up my Christmas supply. But bear with me. This arranged marriage actually worked out really well – marzipan, almonds and rhubarb create a threesome not many people can refuse. Not even Piers, wildly known for his dislike for fruit cakes. Well, I proved him wrong, he ate a quarter of a cake in one sitting. But I can‘t blame him: very almond-y cake with islands of marzipan could have been a tad too sweet. That‘s where rhubarb comes in, all in white, and saves the party with its sourness. Don‘t use it sparingly, you need it.

No one needs an essay, you came here for the recipe, so without further ado let me introduce you to Rhubarb marzipan cake with an almond background.

rhubarb cake on baking paper