serving the sweet potato soup

Sweet and spicy sweet potato soup

February 6, 2020

I’ve discovered this hearty sweet potato soup last year already.  Long time ago I bought Anna Jones’ book The Modern Cook’s year. I was really excited as I really like her recipes in the Observer. This, however, was a disappointment. Or maybe I just wasn’t ready for it yet. It all seemed too complicated, too healthy, too over the top somehow. However when I quite accidentally got my hands on A modern way to cook, nothing was the same afterwards. Jones planted ideas in my head and turned our household again towards cooking more meals full of vegetables. And this recipe is exactly from this book. It only seemed fitting that after such a long break I will come back with a recipe that was somehow important and provided much needed turn.

This soup is perfect if you want something warming and filling, but at the same time refreshing and tingling. It takes a zip to make, but leaves you fully satisfied. Chilli, lime and peanut butter create a trio that can hardly be challenged. And the topping, my goodness. It feels like extra work and you might be tempted to skip it but don’t do this – don’t miss out on the refreshing crunch.

Sweet potatoes taste nearly energising compare to our usual winter root vegetables. After a lot of parsnip, carrot and beetroots they seem exotic and exciting. They offer carbohydrates, so much needed in winter to keep us going, plus plentiful of beta carotene and vitamins. Chilli offers warmth, especially with those crazy windstorms we’ve been experiencing in Vienna lately. The colour of the soup itself helps to conquer the grey mood caused by the grey weather outside.

The soup requires so little ingredients it is really easy to put together and entails no fuss whatsoever. You can serve this soup in many ways – solo, with a fresh or toasted baguette or maybe with a splash of yoghurt and chili&coriander salsa on top. Maybe even with some rice and extra soy sauce. But if you feel enough is enough it also freezes without any hustle and waits patiently for a day when you just don’t feel like cooking.

Fun fact

Did you know, that sweet potatoes were domesticated over 5000 years ago and they are the official vegetable of North Carolina? Also, February seems to be national sweet potato month (at least in the US but let’s not be too detailed-oriented).

diced sweet potatoes and leeks in a pot

peanuts, lime, chilli and ginger topping
Topping will disappear quickly as it goes great on sandwiches too
fried shallot
Don’t be afraid to fry the shallot really crispy
sweet potato soup with lime juice
squeeze this lime well to add some zing
adding soy sauce to the sweet potato soup
soy sauce will provide much needed umami and more depth